Video: Caitlin Field

Field draws upon the work of Miranda Fricker to explain how gaps in language can mean that individuals find it hard to articulate experiences of marginalisation. The experiences of genderqueer people in France are used as a case study to explore this issue.



Thank you to everyone who spoke at, attended and/or livestreamed yesterday’s event! We were extremely pleased to host such an exciting gathering of thoughtful individuals.

Please do keep checking back to this site occasionally, as we will be updating it with resources from the seminar, including videos kindly filmed by Alex Drummond.

For now, you may be interested in a Storify of tweets from yesterday collated by Dr Caroline Walters.

Livestream issues

We’ve had a number of reports regarding issues with the livestream from Spotlight on: Genderqueer.

  • Lack of audio: unfortunately we are continuing to have issues recording sound in the venue and are still looking into this. It’s worth checking back occasionally to see if it’s working – we are going to keep trying to fix it! If we’re sure it’s working we will announce this through Twitter and a post on this website.
  • Trouble connecting: the livestream is working – we recommend checking you have the latest version of quicktime and/or windows media player and/or real alternative. For Linux users, it is also possible to open rtsp:// in VLC or similar.

Please be assured that the event is being filmed so videos should be available in the future!

How to participate remotely in ‘Spotlight on: Genderqueer’

It’s now less than a week until the Spotlight on: Genderqueer event takes place on Monday 29th April.

We still have a handful of places left, so it’s not too late to register – if you wish to attend, please email us:

If you can’t attend in person but have access to a decent Internet connection, you will be able to livestream the event. We will be streaming for the duration of the event, from 9am to 5:30pm British Summer Time (GMT+1).

You can watch the livestream here.

We encourage remote participants to join in the discussion via Twitter. We will have a Twitter board in the room so your thoughts, comments and questions will be visible to physically present speakers and other participants.

The ‘official’ hashtag for the day will be #gqconf

‘Genderqueer’ – an innovative research event

Spotlight on: Genderqueer will be an open, friendly and participatory event intended to represent a diverse range of research addressing themes that speak to, relate to, or interact with the concept of ‘genderqueer’ whilst  breaking down boundaries between researchers and community members. It will build upon the successes of the 2010 Spotlight on: Asexuality event.

As well as bringing together researchers in the UK, we aim to use video conferencing software to allow researchers from around the world to present their work.The event will take place at the University of Warwick on Monday 29th April.

We realise that this isn’t an easy place to get to, particularly on a Monday afternoon, even for those who live in the UK. We also realise that there are lots of people who will be interested around the world. We’re therefore doing our best to make the event as remotely accessible as we possibly can.

At the very least this will involve recording the sessions as podcasts and posting them online. However we’re aiming to (a) film the sessions and put them on YouTube and (b) live stream the event and allow people to ask questions and participate remotely.

More information on the event will follow soon. Watch this space!