Evening event


The Cutlery Drawer and Rolling Head Promotions present: an evening of music, poetry and more from genderqueer and trans performers.

It will take place at the Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa from 6:30pm.

There is a Facebook event page here.

Acts include:

CN Lester
haunting voice and piano

Bad News Everyone
lovely folky rock

Kat Gupta
queer performance: meditation on a queer body

Hel Gurney
gender-/genre-busting poetry

acoustic songs from the wild

Alex Hilton
queer poetry

Giulia Sandelweski
literary/angry poetry

The Zephyr Lounge is conveniently located next to the main bus route from the University of Warwick campus, and within minutes of the train station. To get to the venue from the University: take the U1 or 11 bus to Leamington Spa, and alight from the bus at the Parish Church bus stop, which is at the bottom of the Parade. Cross the road and walk onto Spencer Street, passing Vialli’s on your right. The Assembly lies just ahead: it’s the building with a statue on top holding a gold sphere. The Zephyr Lounge can be found just underneath the Assembly.

The front door has a wheelchair ramp and hand-rails. There are four toilets, which we will gender-liberate – two single stalls, one set of toilets with urinals, and one wheelchair-accessible toilet (which is up a lift). There will be no flashing lights. We regret that the venue does not allow for a dedicated quiet-space, but if you have needs that necessitate this, please get in touch (researchgap@gmail.com) and we can try to arrange something.

Train times
Last trains to:
London (via Oxford)- 11:39pm
London (direct) – 9:56pm
Leeds/York – 21:52
Bristol – 22:38

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